“Prior to my coaching program, I had been frustrated with my business for many years, like many businesses I struggled to ‘”push on'”.  However, with your help, guidance, and mentoring I came up with a new structure for my company and something quite extraordinary happened, my Gross Profit increased by 24%, increasing my Net Profit by 104%. That’s right – 104%. I now have the knowledge – and confidence – to face these challenges head on.”
Doug Mulcahy – MULGAS LIMITED  

“Susan has great business instincts, coaching experience, entrepreneurial insight and is a veteran of both the old & new EMyth systems, which is exactly the perspective a small business owner needs from a coach.  Working with Susan has allowed me to truly develop the ability to work ‘on’ my business, not just ‘in’ my business.  As entrepreneurs, CEO strategy sessions are mandatory, but small business challenges often interfere with our ability to engage & commit to them.  Working with a coach like Susan has forced the issue and enhanced my Founder/CEO mission & execution.”
Cleveland O’Neal III – Connection III Entertainment Corp.

 “I am grateful that I took that leap of faith in , that I took the chance and invested the hard work, time, and money to better our lives and our business. The experience has been invaluable for my entire staff, myself and my family. I realized it is wisdom that encourages us to seek council and advise.  I experienced a whole new level of thinking.  There are things you can’t see when you’re engrossed in the inner workings of your business. I’ve learned how to constructively view my business from the outside looking in. It looks different. I learned how to make the good things better and to improve on the inefficiencies.  You have to remind yourself of your final destination, your goals, objectives and your primary aim.”  We experienced a profit increase of 699%.   Our 4 year comparison reflects an average sales increase of 33.5% per year with an average profit increase of 175% each year.”
Jeff Schuetz – City Rent a Truck

“Our business practices are far more sane and successful thanks to  Susan Wilhelmsen’s great guidance in implementing it.  Most importantly, Susan applied her keen insight to help us develop our team and organizational chart – having the right people in the right roles makes everything else possible.”
Ryan Hurley, Co-Owner – VERT & VOGUE

“When I met Susan I had been running my own law practice for about nine years.  While it would have been considered successful by many, it did not feel that way for me.  I felt trapped with few options for the future.   Although I had a strong following of clients, I felt as though the business owned me and I had little control over its (and my) future.   In many areas I was “spinning my wheels.”  Susan helped me move from there to a place of freedom within my practice.  As she coached me, I was able to take control of my organization, resurrect my dreams and begin to live them.”