Susan has been coaching and training the EMyth philosophy to owners and managers for the last 18 years, working with them to create the company and life they always imagined. Twice a business owner herself, she has done the work of realizing her own dreams and now dedicating her life to helping others do the same. Working with Michael Gerber and the EMyth organization, she has trained and consulted 100’s of businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Her resume includes work with well known brands such as McDonald’s, Allstate and Ace Hardware. Susan is passionate about creating highly functioning and profitable businesses through the development of individuals, providing them the direction and support they need for personal and professional transformation.


As an Entrepreneur, I live my dream everyday as I assist other Entrepreneurs in realizing their own. I come from a family of Entrepreneurs dating back four generations, each one starting out with a vision and a dream. I grew up working in a family business started by my father, and from that was inspired to create my own future. With a deep love for sports and my passion for business, I spent the first part of my career with Nike, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball. It was not until my time with the San Diego Padres in a Business Development role, that I discovered my true passion and calling. My customers were Entrepreneurs and our goal was to provide them with both an experience and a platform to build stronger relationships internally and externally, as well as increase the bottom line. What I quickly discovered was that our single platform was not a solution, rather a quick fix for a deeper problem. They needed to understand how to improve their culture, retain staff, and fulfill their promise to customers. One after another they shared their dreams and their vision with me, but had no idea how to get there. The entrepreneur in me had found a need, and I knew I could fill it. I left my career in the Major League Baseball to create my own a dream, a Business Coaching company dedicated to empowering the world’s Entrepreneurs.


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