Business Coaching

EMyth Client Stories:  Hear what is possible when working with an EMyth Certified Business Coach.  You may find their experience of running a business similar to your own.

EMyth Coaching Deliverables

  • Online Business Assessment to build your customized program.
  • Three  60-minute 1:1 meetings per month  conducted via telephone or web and unlimited email support
  • Access to 100 EMyth Processes and Tools delivered via email and/or digital platform
  • Access to premium webinars

The Business Development Model


  • Define your Purpose and Personal Objectives in alignment with your Values.
  • Develop a clearly written Vision of your company when it’s fully developed.
  • Establish Key Indicators for tracking the progress of your vision.


  • Create your Brand Identity by articulating the “Why” behind your company.
  • Define your Target Market and their Psychographic Model.
  • Develop your Positioning and Differentiating strategy that sets you apart.


  • Establish Key Financial Indicators to track the financial health of your company.
  • Create a Budget and Cash Plan in alignment with the goals of your Vision.
  • Understand and utilize tools for managing by the numbers to promote growth.


  • Develop an Organizational Strategy that reflects your Vision for the future.
  • Create Employee Position Agreements that promote a Culture of Ownership.
  • Learn and embody the principles for mentoring and developing your people.


  • Design a Lead Generation Plan utilizing the appropriate channels and messaging to attract your Target Market.
  • Develop your online presence through the implementation of a Social Media
  • Strategy.Outline a detailed Marketing Plan that drives monthly results.


  • Develop tailored presentations that meet the needs of potential customers.
  • Create a Lead Conversion process that will have prospects asking you How to Get Started.
  • Establish your company’s Referral Process – your customers are your best advocates.


  • Assess and improve your products and services to meet the needs and desires of your customers.
  • Design a Quality Assurance System that will deliver your products and services exactly as promised.
  • Develop a Customer Service process that lets customers know you care.